The Molly's Story So Far...

About Me. Well first things first, my name isn’t really Molly, its Claire, but in my first business “Mollycoddle Me”, Molly became quite an identity. She took on her own persona and so Molly and I have become good friends… it was only right that she feature in this business too! I am a mum of two girls, Lily & Lola, married, and we now live on the central coast of NSW. I am originally from the U.K., but am proud to say, I now call Australia home.


The concept of my business is to enable women to own lots of pretty things, and end the “I have nothing to wear” days. I want to provide affordable beautiful pieces to you, your friends, your sister, your sisters friends, nieces, aunts, so you can all look in your wardrobe and be happy… unless of course you haven’t done the laundry. I can't help with that girls. Gok Wan eat your heart out..


Over the years I have done many jobs, I am a trained hairdresser and beautician, I have run hotels, spent time bookkeeping, but after having my girls I wanted to do something to fit in with them. I’ve always been interested in fashion and like most women… love to shop! I must admit it didn’t have the same appeal when I had to take my girls with me, trailing around the shops… so I started shopping on-line for kids stuff, then myself, and things for the house. I hope my hubby doesn’t read this but lets just say I was… well…. good at it!!


One thing that is central to my endeavours is providing fantastic customer service, and I believe that is something we all want, and deserve. I look forward to bringing you and that next "little number" together!